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The aim of the contest is to find ideas for sponsorships and collect money for the foundation "Astronautin". The objective of this foundation is to send the first German astronaut to the International Space Station (ISS). She will follow an intense training for more than a year, in order to spend seven to ten days on the ISS. This initiative is focused on two very important objectives: The scientific aspect: Since the astronaut will spend about 10 days in space, she will have the opportunity to collect scientific data, carry out experiments under microgravity or any other commercialized (sponsored/incentivized) activity. A cultural aspect: The foundation "Astronautin" wants to give women and girls a role model and inspire them in particular with regard to education for scientific and technical professions. The initiative aims to encourage them to pursue their career aspirations in aerospace or any other areas of interest. Furthermore, the success of a privately funded mission when it comes to human spaceflight could also mean a lot for the future of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. As the project is being funded by private parties, it therefore has a commercial character and could be connected to any brand’s promotion. You have complete freedom to come up with ideas and concepts for experiments and sponsorships that “Astronautin” could approach the companies with and hopefully land a sponsorship. Your concepts can range from scientific experiments on the ISS to commercial product ideas that make life easier for the astronaut on the ISS.

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